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Fashion has always been a natural part of my life. It wasn’t until several years ago, I realized how I could change my life and the lives of others. Given my desire to help people, I merged the two things I love to do, finding unique clothing and assisting people. Using my trained eye, acquired knowledge and God given vision, I shop for pieces that speak to who you are at your core using a variety of tools and resources.

Why Choose Me

From products to services, I go the extra mile to give you only the best. My passion for what I do sets me apart from my competitors. Contact me today to book your personalized shopping package.

Tanesha Brown

Born in Mt. Vernon, NY;
Grew up in Richmond, VA


Everybody has style! Whether it’s something you saw and liked or a style that you were born with and cultivated over the years. It’s you! It could be unique and different, plain and basic, fun and flirty, sexy and provocative, casual and athletic, or some other derivative that speaks to your core.

Discard to Distinct is a great resource to find unique pieces that add, enhance or supplement your existing wardrobe. It can be one piece or several. It can be suggestions or questions. Whatever it is, we’re here to help!

Let Discard to Distinct build a wardrobe you are smitten with and reflects the inner you.


Mix and Match Fashion Items to Suit Your Personality

Discard to Distinct shops for you by curating selections with you and your requests in mind.  Selections are found in various stores to include consignment, thrift, retail and items from personal inventory. The personalized packages and monthly subscription include the cost of the clothing. All prices include stylist fees.

Shopping with Discard to Distinct is as easy as 1-2-3!

Choose the selection that works best for you

Distinct Shop and Style “Bundle” Packages

Do you need a couple of pieces to supplement your wardrobe?
Are you looking for something in particular?
Do you have an occasion coming up?
Perfect, a personalized package is calling your name. Choose the number of items you need, pay for your package and let’s get to work!

Bundle Packages

Monthly Bundle Subscription

Get ready to receive a monthly 3 piece bundle with pieces picked with you and your requests in mind. *You can cancel at any time. Items are cleaned (if applicable) and shipped by the end of the month or once all items are approved by you. This is a great way to build your wardrobe and work with a personal stylist.


Distinct Shopping Dates

Do you need guidance when picking out pieces?
Have you recently changed jobs or lost weight?
Do you need everything to include tops, bottoms and dresses?
Awesome, a shopping date is the ticket. I will meet you at the store, share with you my tips, tricks and offer advice around piece selection. Choose the amount of time, pay for the amount of time you need and let’s make a date. Click here to get a service estimate.


Distinct Closet Date

This is a great way to review what you have, get rid of what no longer serves you and create a clothing system that is easy to maintain and navigate. Additionally, Discard to Distinct creates a list of what you need and shops for those items at the request of the client. Client is responsible for needed items cost. Click here to get a service estimate.

Special Occasion

Click here to get a service estimate.

Shout Outs

“My experience with Discard to Distinct over the last few years has been amazing and rewarding. She has been nothing short of kind, thoughtful, gets to know her clients well to include their style choice, size, and ability to slay the items she suggests. Her attention to detail, keen fashion savvy eye and excellent customer service says it all.  While making us all feel like we are VIP!  THANK YOU for inviting me into your world! When I thought to myself “I don’t do second hand”; she sure showed me. Thank you for ALL you do! Keep being the Queen of Fashion Finds and sending them my way! Love you from Me!”

T. Adams, Bundle Service

“It’s not always easy to find time to be fashionable when you are constantly working and pouring into others.  I had to make a conscious effort to get professional advice, be willing to learn new things and let go of old things. Tanesha does an amazing job of walking you through this process.  Everything from sizing, fit, color schemes that work, hair and makeup.  Yes, I needed all that!  She was supportive, patient, knowledgeable, upbeat and positive. She took the time to learn about me so she could capture my personality and needs.  I would highly recommend Discard to Distinct without hesitation! ”

A. Neville, Image Consult/Bundle Service


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Discard to Distinct offers quality personal shopping packages nationwide. Give me a call or send me an email for product inquiries or service requests. You can also fill out the online form to send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you!

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